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Consultancy on water treatment process

Membrane-integrated biological tank (MBR) treats industrial, domestic and medical wastewater. Is a high-level wastewater treatment system with low investment cost, high treatment quality and saving land area.

MBR is a combination treatment system between biological process and submerged membrane, using high biomass content (MLSS content can be up to 20,000mg/l) and activated sludge removal by membrane is very easy. easily, regardless of the settling capacity of the sludge.

Quang Thinh's MBR system features easy maintenance, space saving and low cost, which is very suitable for small scale wastewater treatment for the purpose of ensuring water quality to meet Class A standards according to the following standards. QCVN 40 is for industrial wastewater, QCVN 14 is for domestic wastewater or QCVN 28 is for medical wastewater.

The main advantages of MBR

1. Easy to operate and maintain due to disregard of sludge settling;

2. Saving land area due to high load biological tank, small volume, no need for settling tank; high sludge concentration should reduce the volume of sludge compaction tank;

3. Low investment and operating costs;

4. The quality of the treated water is very good;

5. High degree of safety;

6. Energy saving.

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