Water treatment equipment

Water treatment equipment

Pentek EPM10 Coal Filter

  • Manufacturer: Pentek (PENTAIR WATER - USA)
  • Used for pure water purification systems, bottled drinking water systems, household and industrial water filters, super-pure water systems for pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, schools and filtration systems in activities for families, households.


Pentek CBC-20 Coal Filter

  • The active carbon filter is widely used in the market because it is very efficient, easy to install and easy to replace.
  • Filter Size: 0.5 micron 


Pentek EP-20 Coal Filter

  • Manufacturer: Pentek (PENTAIR WATER - USA) Used for pure water purification system, bottled drinking water systems, civil and industrial water purifier, super purified water system for pharmaceutical factory, hospitals, schools and filter systems used for families, households, ....
  • Filter Size: 5 microns.


BPONG1X01 Filter Bag

It has function as a water purifier, a water purifier in water treatment technology that filters scale from 0.5μ to large scale.


UF Membrane

- Membrane materials: UPVC
- Membrane material: hydrophilic PVC
- Terminal material: epoxy resin
- Structure: Hollow fiber


Nano U.S.A (NF) Membrane

This is a 1Ninometer filter technology developed first by American companies, typically Zenon, Dow ... Due to the small openings so it can easily remove up to 100% of bacteria, viruses. For metal ions, the removal rate is about 40, 50% or 90%. Nano membranes are used in water plants that produce bottled water, in debt areas, and provide clean drinking water. The advantage of Nano membranes is that the osmotic pressure is much lower than that of the R / O membrane, thus saving energy.


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