Household drinking water filter equipment

Household drinking water filter equipment


Alum water filtration, alum water treatment, alum water filtration system, the coarse filter reduces the amount of alum from 60 to 70% for the water source when it is pumped up after 1 day of yellow sediment, mud, and soil at the bottom of the tank, This type of filter is simple but effective and has a long service life

Function: remove turbidity, color, odor, taste, raise pH, oxidize (organic substances), ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, hardness, total manganese, total iron, sulphate, chloride, microorganisms... All harmful substances: Insecticides, detergents, heavy metals, toxic chemicals, radioactive substances, viruses, bacteria, carcinogenic toxins...

- Filter water contaminated with alum, rust, contaminated sludge with many organic residues...
- raw processor in your tank 500 liters
- raw processor in your tank 700 liters
- raw processor in your tank 1000 liters

Depending on the actual conditions in each family, it is possible to build different large and small tanks. Just install it according to the instruction diagram and you will have a clean, pure water source.

From the water you want to filter, you let the water go through the shower to create rain (small particles - don't erode the top layer of sand). Through the top layer of sand, the water has been pre-filtered of all kinds of dirt, organisms, alum. Water will seep through the activated carbon layer. This layer of activated carbon has the effect of adsorbing toxic substances, dangerous microorganisms and neutralizing minerals that are difficult to dissolve in water. Through the activated carbon layer, the water continues to permeate through the large sand layer, small gravel layer and the largest gravel layer to go to the clean water tank.

In our experience, you should use a plastic water pipe, with a hole drilled about 5 li (0.5 cm) in diameter along the body of the pipe, and the inner end of the pipe is sealed. Thus, water will seep through the small holes evenly distributed on the pipe, not directly into the top of the pipe. This will prevent the hose from getting clogged and the water entering the tube more evenly.

In addition, one thing you need to pay attention to is that all materials put into the water tank (except activated carbon) such as sand, gravel, etc. should be washed first.

Depending on the actual conditions and the status of the water source, every 3-6 months, you must filter out the alum layer that builds up on the top layer of sand by: stirring the surface water (so that the water is about 2-3 cm) , and then open the upper alum discharge valve. all layers of alum will be washed out. Repeat once or twice to completely clean the water. In addition, if the water is too polluted or contaminated with alum, you should replace the top layer of sand after a few months of use. Note: when changing the sand, remember to scrape it slowly, so as not to affect the bottom layer of activated carbon (because it is still used for a long time). After 9 months to 1 year, you should replace all sand and activated carbon.


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