Wastewater treatment equipment and chemicals

Wastewater treatment equipment and chemicals

Chemicals used in wastewater treatment of Nhat Quang Company


- Origin: English / Chinese

- Specification: 25kg bag.

When polymer is added to wastewater, the following stages will occur:

• Colloidal particles are adsorbed by polymer, no longer stable, called flocculation process.

• The broken colloidal particles will stick together into small clumps, then into larger clumps and settle, called flocculation. With the application of polymers, the post-treatment sludge is denser and less dense, and can be handled directly.


H2O2 – Hydrogen peroxide 50%

- A transparent liquid, slightly more viscous than water, with strong oxidizing properties and therefore a strong bleaching agent used as a disinfectant, as well as an oxidizing agent.

- Storage: Store in a cool, dry place; Avoid direct sunlight, heat and flammable substances. If the product packaging is damaged or shows signs of leakage, rinse with water. Do not place the product on wooden floors or wooden pallets.

- H2O2 is a strong oxidizing agent and does not cause explosion, but the dispersed oxygen radicals will combine with flammable substances to cause explosion.


Na2S2O3 – Sodium Thiosulphate (deodorant powder)

- Crystal clear or light yellow

- Formula: Na2S2O3

- Specification: 25kg/bag

- From China

- Application: Deodorizing Javen water, used in aquatic products



- White powder, soluble in water, can absorb moisture, odorless, non-toxic

- Uses: Widely used in detergent industry, printing chemicals, glass and glass, papermaking, pharmaceutical and tanning industries.

- Storage and preservation: Transport and store in cool, dry conditions

- Formula: Na2SO4

- Specification: 50kg/bag

- From China

- Applications: Water treatment, Textile dyeing, detergent production, printing industry, manufacturing...


NaOCl -Sodium Hypochloric 10% “Javel Water”

- Light yellow liquid

- Formula: NaOCl

- Specification: 35kg/can – tank

- Made in Viet Nam

- Application: Used in water treatment technology, pesticide additives, as a bleaching agent in the papermaking, textile industry, etc.


Ca(OCl)2 – Calcium Hypochloride (powder)

- White or light gray powder

- Formula: Ca(OCl)2 Ca(OCl)2 - 65% Ca(OCl)2 - 70% - Specification: 40kg - 50kg/bar

- Humidity: 4.0% max.

- Maximum water solubility: 25.0% max.

- From China

- Application: Used in industry of sterilization, water treatment, bleaching of fabric pulp, aquaculture.


Al2(SO4)3. 14H2O – Aluminum Alum

- Plates, flakes of indeterminate shape, white or opaque yellow

- Formula: Al2(SO4)3. 14H2O

- Al2O3 content: 14.5%

- Demand for potable water will skyrocket in the coming years, requiring increased production and supply of water treatment chemicals as well as the application of technical advances to the production of effective treatment chemicals. Water is better than the traditional single and double alum used for hundreds of years.


PAC – Poly Aluminum Chloride – Turmeric Gold

- PAC in the form of turmeric yellow powder

- Formula: PAC

- PAC has many advantages over aluminum alum in the coagulation process: low pH impact, low dosage, less corrosion of equipment, especially for water with high turbidity and alkalinity. Other impurities in the water such as organic matter, phosphate ions, and sulfate have a great influence on the coagulation process of PAC, changing the flocculation mechanism. Aluminum alum is less effective when treating source water with high turbidity and alkalinity, but the advantage of PAC is not obvious for source water with low turbidity and leaning towards acid, medium...


NaOH – Cautic soda Flakes 45%

- White opaque liquid, soluble (easily soluble in water, alcohol and glycerin)

- Formula: NaOH - 45%

- NaOH is one of the chemicals used in many industries such as detergents, paints, papermaking, oil refining technology, textile dyeing technology, food, water treatment, and manufacturing chemicals. caustic soda such as Sodium Silicate, Al(OH)3, PAC sedimentation aid, ... The product is in liquid form, so it is very convenient to transport, store and use; easier mechanization and automation in mixing and feeding than using solid soda.


NaOH – Sodium hydroxide 30%

- It is a white liquid.

- Formula: NaOH - 30% NaOH - 45%

- Specification: 35kg/can - tank - Stored in sealed containers, ceters, plastic cans.

- When in direct contact, must wear protective equipment to avoid splashing into eyes and skin.

- Made in Viet Nam

- Application: Basic chemical raw material, widely used in light industry, chemical industry and metallurgy, textile and dyeing industry, medicine and pharmacy, pesticides, general organic chemistry...


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