Boiler Chemicals

Boiler Chemicals

Nhat Quang dedicated to providing specialized chemicals for boiler detergent washings, the surface of heat transfer equipment to increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, safety devices.

a. Place matters:

The closed surface heat transfer machine is the common problem in Vietnam because:

     The amount of water heating does not guarantee requirements: water supplied to the heat was too much ion causes the grip surface heat exchangers include: Hard water (Ca2 +, Mg2 +, CO32-) and alum (Fe2 +, Al3 +, SO42-) ...
     No maintenance solution during machine operation, there is no solution to ensure the removal of minerals required (will have to solve the following).
     When water heat transfer problems are not guaranteed to affect the capacity and efficiency of the boiler, causing a fuel consumption of unnecessary and unsafe due to:
     Temperature combustion chamber temperature of a fire hose, hose excessive increases as the water is not complete heat transfer function.

b. Solution:

The sticking to the surface heat include multiple causal factors:

             - The end of the pipe sticking out of the oven, fire hoses:

                         Because vitamins and minerals gardiran increasing temperature.

                                     M (HCO3) 2 = H2O + CO2 + $ MCO3

                                     M: alkaline earth metals

                         Because vitamins and minerals gardiran temperature reduction:

                                     Fe (OH) $ 2, Al (OH) 3 USD precipitation.

As a complex of minerals forming the cleaners not only include physical activities metal surfaces.

After a period of research and practical application, we present an overview of the principles of detergents are:

     The complex inverse principle: Dissolve the metal oxide, metal hydroxide, metal salts, but not interact with metals.
     Surfactant: Detached minerals insoluble in water and cause emulsified.
     Foaming sharply increase the volume of gas in irritable class to break them up into small pieces on the principles of physics.
     Emulsifiers and emulsion stability: Avoid the formation of precipitated material to put out
     Agent hardened metal surfaces: Avoid formation of precipitates back when cleansing
     The solution is a complex mixture of quality food additives should be used for industry food processing.
     Safety solution after rinsing: Create an inert surface, guaranteed in 06 months.


a / Determining the specs:
- Determination of thickness and chemical composition of deposits layers on the surface of heat transfer equipment.
- Determine the volume of water of the boiler and heat transfer equipment.

b / Process rinse boiler:
- For boiler descaling chemicals HCE in the boiler with water at the rate appropriate to the solution of the boiler and immersion in time from 12-20 hours, the temperature used to support (from 120 - 1300C equivalent the pressure in the pot from 2.5 bar - 3.0 bar) for the powder to create separate deposits from the heat transfer surface completely.
- Then open the drain valve, flanged bottom deposits taken out and used a strong discharge.
- Replace the new Roong and close all the flange back to try to pressure 5kg / cm2 before being put into normal production.
- Total time deposits breaking completed a boiler is 2 days.


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